GPM (GitHub Package Manager) is a package manager built on GitHub. Using GitHub repositories as packages, it's effortless to put a package on gpm.


GPM uses GitHub repositories as packages, so every repo is a package. That means there is no inclusion requests or reviews. To have your repo be used on gpm, all you have to do is add your binaries in the repo. (More)


GPM is written in the Crystal programming language. This means that gpm is extremely portable and can be run on almost any OS (except Windows, for now).

For Developers

Getting your package to work with gpm is dead simple. In your github repo, make a directory called gpmbins. After that, make directories for each architecture you plan to support and then put your binaries in their respective folders. (i686, x86_64).
That's it! It's as easy as adding a few directories to have your repo working as a gpm package!


GPM is and will always be open source. If you have any ideas, bugs, or anything else you want us to know, feel free to contribute code or open an issue.